Fiberglass pool installation is quickly becoming a booming industry. Now you may be asking, “Why are fiberglass pools so popular?”

One of the main reasons a fiberglass pool is so appealing is the lack of maintenance they require. The material the pool is made from is mostly non-porous, making it quite a bit harder for algae to make it’s home there. Because the surface of your new pool is smooth, unlike the porous, rough surface of a concrete pool, it requires less chemicals and less upkeep. Your pool tech, or yourself, will not be required to spend as long adjusting the pH and chlorine levels and brushing down the walls, leaving more time for you to be able to actually enjoy your pool!

Another reason many people are choosing fiberglass over vinyl or concrete is the amount of time they take to install-consequently cutting down the time that the backyard is in a jumble from construction. The fiberglass pool shell is formed off sight, therefore eliminating all the time that it would typically take to create the pool framework on location.

Fiberglass pools also have an alluring look. The smooth pool surface helps transform a backyard into an elegant, relaxing paradise. There are various shapes and features available with a fiberglass pool. From a tanning ledge, to a built in spa, to a wrap around bench seat, to a variety of colors, the fiberglass pool can be built to your personal specifications.



Here is one of Pro Pools most recent fiberglass installations. The Allure pool features a wide entry step, a built in spa, a deep end swim out bench, a deep end going up to 6’8″ and the sapphire blue coloring. Call Pro Pools at 865-966-8419 with any questions/to receive an estimate!



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