The pressure is on to find the perfect Christmas gift, and a swimming pool or a new spa might just be the right answer for your household this year! 
Once you’ve decided that you want to gift hours upon hours of fun for your loved ones, you’re probably wondering “what’s the next step?”

First-call Pro Pools to set up a an appointment to discuss building/style options. (865) 966-8419

Second-you need to decide how to spring the good news on your family! Obviously you can’t wrap an entire pool and put it under the tree, but here are a couple of alternatives. 

#1 Wrap personalized towels/bathrobes for each family member. They may be thinking that they’re going to have some swanky showers in the new year, but once you explain the new backyard adornment to them, their gratulation is going to be unbelievable. 
#2 Buy some fancy new pool floats to put under the tree.


#3 Send the kids on a scavenger hunt. Leave clues around the house that eventually will lead your clan outside-where you will have strategically placed pictures and props to illustrate your Christmas gift.

Lastly-have fun planning/designing the layout of your new play area!

Merry Christmas!


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